Invoicing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you remove the reminder fee on the invoice?

    No, if no mistake is made on our part. If the invoice is not paid on time, a reminder fee of SEK 60 will be added to the next invoice.

  • Can you revoke debt collection?

    This is due to the reason why the invoice has been collected. Please contact and enter the invoice number so we can assess whether there are reasons to revoke a debt collection claim.

  • How long do we have a notice period on our agreement?

    GlobalConnect generally applies three full calendar months’ notice if the contract period has expired.

  • Can you send out an invoice copy?

    You can see invoices yourself in the customer portal. From there you can also print a copy of the invoice.

  • Can you send an EDI invoice?

    Yes, just email the relevant information to so we can activate EDI invoice.

  • Can you transfer the agreement to someone else?

    Yes, but an administrative fee of SEK 5,000 (excluding VAT) for handling the transfer is invoiced to the new contracting party. The form can be downloaded via the Customer Portal.

  • Can we advance the due date on an invoice?

    In exceptional cases, we can move the due date forward, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. Please email and state the reason why you wish to advance the due date.

  • I need to change the invoice address, how do I do it?

    Email and state to which address you wish to receive the invoices.

  • Can you send invoices to an e-mail address?

    Yes we can. Invoices are emailed out in PDF format. Email and state to which e-mail address you wish to receive the invoices.

  • I have a credit invoice, how do I use it?

    Email and state the invoice number on both the credit invoice and the invoice number on the invoice that you want to pay / pay in installments with the credit.

  • Can I have a credit invoice paid out and money deposited in an account?

    Yes. Email which credit invoice it is and bank details to

  • I need a copy of our agreement. How do I access it?

    Agreements etc. can be found on the customer portal.

  • I want to terminate my agreement/commitment. How do I?

    To terminate the agreement, you need to fill in and sign a termination form which you then send to The form can be downloaded via the customer portal.