Sätra Data Center

Because your data is worth it.

Our most modern data center is situated in Sätra right outside Stockholm. Here we have not compromised on anything and we have not taken any shortcuts whatsoever when modernizing this site. Everything has been tailored to take the best care of your most business-critical data and IT equipment to keep it safe and secure. All while minimizing our impact on the environment.

We are all about capacity

6,000 Square meters
5 Megawatts
24/7 Customer Access
1,100 Racks

GlobalConnect Network map

Why choose The Next Generation Data Center in Sätra?

If you need Geo-redundancy, we have eight more data centers in the Nordic region of which five are in Stockholm. We can also offer other services such as Cloud Connect, virtual data center and more.

When the new extension at our data center in Sätra is built (2021) it will fulfill the highest demands from MSB (The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) and has the highest security classification (3). To secure operational security we have two independent power sources (2N power system) with multi redundant block technology. We also offer multiple colocation zones, with full fiber diversity.

We have reduced the environmental impact through heat recycling. We also see to it that waste heat is recovered by the advanced cooling system. Furthermore, we also use 100 % waterpower / hydroelectric. The building itself is built to last over time. It is classified according to ISO 14000 standards and has an energy efficient PUE.

You can choose between having your rack in a common/shared space or in your own cage at a dedicated space. You can even have your private room/zone. When needed it is possible to either scale up or down according to your needs. To your assistance our own technicians are at site 24/7.

The Sätra Data Center is strategically located outside Stockholm. It is the sole supplier of redundant colocation services for bank and finance in Stockholm (different power grids). And it gives access to the GlobalConnect fiber network, but also from redundant network infrastructure fiber suppliers including Skanova and Stokab. Parking spaces and 24 h access makes life easier for you as a client.